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Tips on choosing your clothes as a TV host

Gone are the days when TV hosts had a dress code to follow. Today, they are free to wear whatever they want, creating a new problem for those who have just joined this profession. The fact that you have to be at your TV station early in the morning and stay there till evening makes it difficult to have time to think about your attire daily. Sometimes you get short notice to be ready to face the camera which worsens the problem for you. It is a good idea to have several dresses lined up in advance to be prepared quickly without wasting any time. Here are some practical tips to look attractive yet professional to your audience.

Keep In mind the set and the setting.

It is always a prudent idea to ask the producer about the color scheme of the set and the setting or the background of the program. You can comfortably dress up in wrong colors and style to look like a complete mismatch in front of the camera. Also, inquire whether there will be full body shots or they will focus mainly upon your face and upper part of the body. If colors in the background muted, you are free to wear any clothes of your choice. However, if the background colors are bold, you have no choice but to wear clothes in bright and vibrant colors. If close-ups are in planning, wear clothes and colors that throw light on your face.

Always choose the right fitting clothes

Your job keeps you in front of the camera. As a result, you need to remain conscious about how you look more than others working in your TV station. The camera can pick up flaws in fitting more than human beings. Therefore, it is crucial always to wear the right fitting clothes. Keep in mind that your viewers have all the time to observe your dress and pass on their judgment. You can look sloppy in a dress that is too large for you.

On the other hand, you cannot afford to wear clothes that are too tight for your body. You are inviting glare on your bust line if the dress is too tight. If there are buttons at front, make sure your dress is not too tight to be pulling these buttons apart. The length of the dress, sleeves, and that of your skirt are also critical. It should not be too long or too short of causing a distraction for your viewers.

Send the right message with your dress and choice of colors.

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