How African Fashion has Evolved

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Everyone loves dressing up and looking good, right?! African garments are a must-have in your closet and they have never been out of style. African fabrics are as bright in colour as they’re rich history; and date several centuries back. But what’s the background information on these materials? In the early years, African clothing is said to have been made from animal skin, fur, feathers and so on but was not particularly suited for the very hot weather.

In the later years, with an increase in knowledge and technology, African clothing was made from cooler materials such as cotton. The detailed weaving techniques which have been passed down from generations to generations, was birthed from and represents different areas of the continent. For example, Flax and Jute come from West Africa, Raffia Palm can be found more in the central African countries and camel and sheep wool are mainly used in fabrics derived from Eastern Africa. These fabrics have distinctive African elements woven into their very design, such as historical documents, signs and symbols. The colours in the material can be used to display marriage, tribe or the social standing of the person wearing it.

The designs sometimes include animal print, flowers, birds, geometric shapes and other symbols. Over the years, African garments, like many other elements have evolved with time. Today, African wear is worn worldwide and acts as an excellent complement in a modern outfit. Whether it is a blouse, shirt, head wrap, dress, purse or skirt, African fabric is utilised to create super-stylish outfits. Many accessories such as earrings and bracelets are also made from African fabric. The fabric, which is unique in texture and design, dons an air of regality and importance. You are sure to turn heads when you are adorned in African wear. It is for that reason, that we sell to; and style our clients in it.

Some popular African fabrics that you may have heard about are: Ankara, a Ghanaian print called ‘Speed Bird’, the popular Nigerian print called the ‘Record Disc’ because of its circular shapes, among others. Whatever your personal style, African wear is a great addition to your wardrobe.

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