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3 pieces beaded set


This beautiful 3 piece set is stranded by hand. The necklace has 25 strands vibrantly colored beads on a wire strand that won’t break. This set is perfect for all style needs and is very versatile for work and fun!

Red style $0.00 Light blue style $0.00 Dark red style $0.00 light purple style $0.00 Blue style $0.00 Yellow style $0.00 Orange style $0.00
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This set is a definite show stopper! The necklace has over 25 strands of the finest hand-picked beads, with vibrant color quality! It is about 21 inches in length. The bracket is 7 inches. This set is provided in a variety of bright colors. The wooden buckle should be worn on the lower side of your neck, not in the back. These pieces are well made and will stand the test of time. You will turn a lot of heads once you step out; whether you choose the casual look or formal look with this set. You will to be disappointed!