Wisdom Senior Care / CEO & President

Wisdom Senior Care

With my busy schedule overseeing different companies, shopping is the last thing I want to worry about. As a businesswoman, this can position you in a way where you forget that there is a link between your company branding and your image. Allocating time for shopping isn’t always that simple. I noticed how KroCia LLC owner always dresses and my curiosity to know how she does it led me to see that it was her expertise to shop for busy people just like myself.

Having someone to get to know you and take shopping weight off your shoulders is a big relieve. For my outings and wardrobe, this is just some level of convenience so I can focus on what I do better: Helping linked minded individuals build sustainable home care agencies .

Carolyn Thurston

Today, I don’t have to worry about what to put on for different opportunities. KroCia LLC is my solution. The special touch and expert eyes the team has helped me not to invest too much time to explain what I want. They always come up with a good portfolio of choices. Also, when you order one thing, and they come up with more than one that you end up taking, that means they are very good at casting what you love